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BBO Origins Dining Top

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Color: Dark Mahogany
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This intricately made table is for more than just your favorite DnD game! Our avid gamers who are in need of that perfect table, to store your game away in peace; say no more! This table is designed for gamers playing games that last a lifetime! Taking a break from your game? Put on the table topper, have lunch and resume playing! Made with naturally grown oak wood, this table is meant to last for the long haul. This easy-to-assemble table, has top tier features such as cupholders and USB port for charging!

Dive into your world of DnD in comfort with the all NEW BBO D&D Origins Game Table TODAY!

Exquisite & Functional

We believe that dining rooms serve as the heart of the home where unforgettable memories are created through board games and eating together - so here are tables to help you create these.

Leave Your Games Undisturbed

Leave Your Games Undisturbed With a 4" sunken playing area, your games stay undisturbed and ready to resume right after dinner.

Leaf Style Dining Top

Fun games to classy dinners in 4 pieces! With our optional leaf-style dining top, seamlessly switch between the best of both worlds

Add Functionality with Accessories!

Tell us how you’d like your Origins to be configured, add in table charging, a storage bench, dice towers and more!

USB Charging: Add 8 USB charging ports
Deluxe Tray: Add functional and stylish storage for dice and bits
Dice Tower: Throw your dice in and watch the fun come out
Storage Bench: It’s functional seating but even more functional as dining top leaf storage
Divider: Partition off your playing area so you can leave a part of the table covered and nothing rolls under

Product Specifications

  • With Dining Top: 72 in x 48 in x 32 in (LxWxH)
  • Without Dining Top: 72 in x 48 in x 31 in (LxWxH)
  • Playing Surfaces: 61 in x 37 in
  • Recessed Play Area: 4 in
  • Leaf-style Dining Top
  • Optimized for gaming!
  • Simple, Elegant Design
  • No spilled drinks with dedicated cupholders!
  • 8 USB Chargers Available as ADD-ON
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